Condado de Haza

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Alejandro Fernández’s Château
This prestigious estate is covered by a continuous expanse of around 200 hectares of prime Tempranillo vines. Alejandro Fernández’s vineyards have grown on the banks of the River Duero next to poplar and willow groves in a land that has become legendary, since 1987.
However, Alejandro had to wait until 1993 for the estate at Condado de Haza to be up and running and become totally self-sufficient, and for the whole winemaking process, from the vine to the bottle, to be carried out exclusively in the bodega.
To facilitate the winemaking process and perfect his wines, the bodega’s structure was designed by boring into a hillside in order for the ageing room, which hosts 3,000 new barrels and wine racks in a 200 m tunnel excavated at almost 30 m below the vineyard, to maintain the ideal natural temperature and humidity for storing wine.
“This rich red shows a deep core of plum, bramble and mineral,with notes of loam and game that impart a savory character. Solid tannins support a thick texture, while balsamic acidity keeps this balanced. Austere but harmonious. Drink now through 2024.”

Condado de Haza có mầu đỏ của quả mận. Hương vị của quả mâm xôi, mùi khoáng chất, mùi bùn, mùi thú rứng, vị mặn. Tannin chắc chắn làm cho chai rượu đậm đà hơn, mạnh mẽ hớn. Vị chua nhẹ nhành của dấm Ý.
Có thể uống từ giờ cho đến năm 2024.

  • Quốc gia sản xuất: Chilê
  • Thể tích: 750ml
  • Giống nho: Tempranillo
  • Nồng độ rượu: 14,5%Vol
  • Màu rượu: Vang đỏ


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